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Welcome to your Tufting Machine Shop!

Buy your original AK-I and AK-II Tufting Machine and premium Tufting supplies such as Tufting Cloth, Yarns and everything else you need to start your tufting journey now! Let's get fluffy!

What  is Tufting

and how to start tufting?


Tufting is like Punchneedleing, but 1000 times faster!

You need a Tufting Frame on which you can stretch your Tufting Cloth. You can think of it like your canvas. The Tufting Cloth is like your base fabric, which is specially made for tufting so it can take the force of the Tufting Machine without tearing. You thread the Tufting Machine with your Yarn and you are already set to start your tufting adventure!

Maybe check out Instagram and TikTok. You can find tousands of videos and pictures of Tufters around the world.

If you now don't wanna waste anymore time and start tufting, you can book our Beginners Workshop now or go full in and start purchasing all the materials you need. To help you start your tufting journey feel free to use the code: Tuft10 for your first purchase in our shop and check our First time Tufting Tutorial on Youtube


All that is left to say is:

 Welcome future Tuftinglover in the Fluffiest Community! Ah, and don't forget to tag us on Instagram and TikTok so we can see what you're up to!


We also offer recycled cotton in beautiful colours that is perfect for other crafts like makrame, knitting and your next DIY project.

Tuftinglovers Favourites đŸ’›

Rug Carving Clipper
These Handy and Beautiful Clippers are perfect to give your tufted rug the finish they deserve. You can even out your tufted surface, add detail by carving them out and give your work a 3D finish. It Comes in a box including: - extra shearing clipper - cleaning brush - EU plug with speed regulator - insturction manual

Carpet Grippers 72cm (Set of 10)
The carpet grippers are supplied in a set of 10. The length may vary between 72 and 78 cm due to the production process. We calculate the price based on a length of 70 cm, so everything extra is free for you. Carpet grippers are used on the frame to be able to stretch your tufting cloth. We recomend 2 rows on each side to make sure your cloth is stretched super evenly at make it more easy to tuft precisely.

From €27.20*
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Rugwool NZ Yarn 500g
Our fluffy and soft Rugwool comes in loads of different colours! We've chosen this wool specially because of its compatibility with our Tufting Machines. It is dyed based on our requests and we will keep adding more colours over time. Rugwool is very resistant can also be used for punch needleling, weaving and many more textile crafts.

Content: 500 Gramm (€40.00* / 1000 Gramm)

From €20.00*
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Recycled Cotton Yarn (500gr)
This Cotton Yarn is created based on textile industry waste. Polyester is added to it, so that this Yarn can be spun. Use this Cotton to create other works of art such as weaving, macrame and other textile crafts. The Cotton is delivered on 500 gram cardboard cones and can be washed at 60°.

Content: 0.5 Kilogramm (€40.00* / 1 Kilogramm)

From €20.00*
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Premium Tufting Cloth Polyester
While tufting, this fabric serves as the so-called primary back, i.e. the material that is stretched on the frame and acts as your "canvas". Since this fabric is exposed to constant stress during tufting, it is of crucial importance that an extremely robust and tear-resistant material is used. This is the only way you can be sure that you can complete your tufted work of art, even after many corrections attempts, without risking damage to the backing material. We use exactly this fabric for tufting and have not yet managed to damage or tear it while tufting.