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Tufting Workshop for Beginners

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Would you like to learn how to tuft carpets and then realise your own projects independently in the open workshop? Then this is the right place for you.

What we do in the course:
- You will learn about the structure of a tufted carpet.
- You will learn how to cover the tufting frame correctly.
- You will make your first tufting attempts and get to know the different tufting machines.
- You will learn all the tips and tricks from Jenni.
- You will learn how to easily transfer your design onto the tufting frame.
- and of course you tufted your first own carpet!
- Finally I show you how to finish everything at the back and how to glue the carpet

Your rug will be ready for collection the next day and you can finish it yourself at home or we can help you in the open studio. If you are not from the area, I can also send your rug to you and you can finish it yourself at home.

The maximum size of the rug you will tuft is 70x50cm. However, you are completely free in the shape and design. We work with 100% New Zealand carpet wool and recycled cotton yarn.
The basic material costs are included in the course. You don't need to bring anything.

Lunch will be pasta with pesto. You can also bring your own food. A kitchen is available.

If you have any questions, just write to me at

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