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AK-I Cut Pile Tufting Machine

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The AK-I is the tufting machine classic  and is the perfect machine for beginners. Its low weight and the easy handling allows you to quickly step into the world of fluffiness!

Do you want to create your own rugs or wall hangings? All of that is easily possible with our Cut Pile AK-I Tufting Machine. From small tufted patches to long wall or floor rugs, the AK-I helps you to make all your fluffy tufting dreams come true.
Our Cut Pile AK-I Tufting Machine creates litte fluffy cut piles. The Tufting Machine pile height can be adjusted from 7 to 18 mm and you can create nice, fluffy 3D rugs. The AK-I also has a speed regulator to adjust it to your tufting speed.

You can find the most important tutorials in the Tutorial Tab above and many more on our Youtube Channel.

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